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Terrible Twos

Fixing a Broken Nonprofit Agency

"15 Case Studies on How To Do Things Wrong"

Like clockwork, it seems, agencies which have been started by well-intentioned individuals, reach a point around the time of their 1 year anniversary, where the founder and Board realize that their organization must figure out a way to bring in funding other than out of their personal pockets in order to survive. Some agencies implement successful fundraising programs during their second year, the remaining agencies suffer through the Terrible Twos.

Corporate Development, Grantseeking and Individual Development represent the Big Three Fundraising Fundamentals of Long-Term Sustainability. Getting a firm grip on these three most important elements can be elusive, but developing a program of Long-Term Sustainability has never been more necessary.

Now more than ever itís essential to learn how to generate financial and human resources from individuals, rather than competing for grants or corporate support made more scarce in these economic times. This seminar will cover the major ingredients necessary for finding and keeping individuals to support your agency in every way possible, including volunteers, cash and in-kind donations, planned giving, event support and more. Come learn the recipe for generating long-term sustainability for your agencies.

Individuals can represent a significant source of renewable, sustainable revenue for your agency. Learn how to break your Individual fundraising efforts into measurable, manageable steps that will show you where to spend your time and energy to reap the greatest rewards in both human and financial resources.

Using actual Case Studies, you'll discover (and thus be able to avoid) the biggest mistakes agencies make when it comes to gaining support from individuals.

Learn how a simple shift in perspective and one powerful question can remove the stress associated with fundraising.

Discover surefire ways to get your Board Members excited about fundraising.

See how easy it is to increase both the number of people who support your agency, as well as their level of giving.

This Seminar will provide a comprehensive, realistic approach to achieving long-term sustainability through Individual support in concert with your Corporate and Grantseeking fundraising efforts.

There will be adequate time for your questions throughout the day, as well as a confidential, facilitated participant's roundtable discussion during lunch.

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