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Board Development

"No Bored Boards Here"

Like clockwork, it seems, agencies which have been started by well-intentioned individuals, reach a point around the time of their 1 year anniversary, where the founder and Board realize that their organization must figure out a way to bring in funding other than out of their personal pockets in order to survive. Some agencies implement successful fundraising programs during their second year, the remaining agencies suffer through the Terrible Twos.

Board Development deals with the task of building the right Board of Directors from scratch, and fixing a Board if it is broken. The former while hard work, is relatively straight forward, The latter is particularly difficult and painful.

Learn what your State didn't tell you about Boards when you formed your nonprofit agency. Discover why it is important to have your Board recruiting plan in place BEFORE you incorporate your agency. Understand how you can lose control of your agency the minute you incorporate, and how your agency can change its mission WITHOUT YOUR INPUT as a founder! Whew, scarey stuff!

Identify the personality traits that make a good (and a bad) Board Member. Learn why overpopulation dilutes a Board's effectiveness. Understand why people join Boards, what to watch out for, and what questions to ask. Learn how to rate your Board on a legal, moral and ethical scales, and what you can do to make your meetings more effective, less arduous and (really) more fun.

Learn how to recognize the top 5 indicators that your Board is not functioning, or disfunctional. Discover what it's going to take to get your Board back on track. Learn how to identify who on your Board can effect change. Understand who the Board answers to legally - this might surprise you. And who the Board SHOULD answer to morally and ethically.

And what to do if absolutely nothing is working.

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Participants will receive a Student Guide in the form of a .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format file.If you do not have an Acrobat Reader, one will be provided.


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