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By The Seat Of Our Pants Seminars presents

Big 3 of Sustainability
"Stop Wasting Time Chasing Money"

Brief, Concise Introduction to:
Individual Development
Corporate Relations
Strategic Grantseeking

Every nonprofit needs money to carry out its short and long-term goals, but so often they end up chasing after grant dollars and holding special events instead of focusing their energies on more reliable, renewable sources of sustainable funds. This seminar will provide a quick overview of long-term sustainability.

This 1 hour Seminar will introduce you to each of these subjects.

You’ll see how long-term sustainability strategies affect every aspect of your agency and why it’s about so much more than "just the money."

This Seminar includes significant, valuable information covering:


Individuals can represent a significant source of renewable, sustainable revenue for your agency. Learn how to break your fundraising efforts into measurable, manageable steps that show you where to spend your time and energy to reap the greatest rewards in both human and financial resources. People have SO much more to offer than just their money.


When it comes to asking for cash or in-kind donations from the business community, nonprofits overlook their most powerful “asset” - one that puts you on equal footing with for-profit commercial corporations. Learn how to leverage your agency’s most valuable commodity, and how to apply the business principles of the corporate world to your fundraising efforts, easily increasing your agency’s ability to achieve long-term sustainability.


The desire to maintain sustainability through grants and “special events” seems to be part of every nonprofit’s DNA, and one of their primary fundraising goals. Although grants can contribute to your agency's sustainability, you'll learn why they should be the “icing on the cake” (not the cake), and why even the most financially successful special event can give you a false sense of security. Find out where your fundraising efforts SHOULD be spent.



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